Journal Article Assignment Grading Rubric A grade from 0-25 points will be given

Journal Article Assignment
Grading Rubric
A grade from 0-25 points will be given for each journal article assignment. You will be expected to follow the instructions provided in Journal Assignment documents on Folio. You will be graded on five criteria (rubric listed at the bottom of this document).
General Guidelines:
1. Before you submit your assignment, check to make sure you have included all components specified in the instructions.
2. Follow APA-style formatting. For the purposes of this assignment, that means 12-point font, Times New Roman, with 1” margins on all sides. You do not need to include a title page for this assignment.
3. Include a reference page with APA formatted references of the article, as well as any other articles you referenced. Refer to the document on Folio titled “APA Style References” for more information.
More Specific Guidelines:
Step 1: Locate a journal article from the Library. You can read any article from one of these journals:
Psychological Science (recommended)
Clinical Psychological Science (recommended)
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning and Memory
Developmental Psychology
Brain and Behavior
Journal of Abnormal Psychology
HINT: Psychological Science tends to be written to a more general audience. The articles also tend to be shorter than the other articles. However, choose an article or journal that is of interest to you. Students benefit from the assignment the most when they find the material interesting.
Most of these journals are available online via the Library’s e-Journal database. If you need assistance locating these articles, visit the Peer Mentoring Center or the Library’s Circulation Desk.
If you are having trouble locating an article by searching the journal, you can try searching by topic. For instance, you can type into the library GALILEO resources page a topic that we discussed this semester that you found interesting (e.g., depression in older adults, ADHD treatments for girls, etc.). Either way you choose (via journal article or by typing in a topic), the article should be related to psychology.
Step 2: Read the article. Here’s some help:
• The first part of the article will give you an idea of why the researchers are doing their study.
• The second part of the article (The Method) will tell you how the researchers conducted the study. Some articles have multiple methods
• The third part of the article (The Results) will tell you what the researchers found. There are a lot of statistics. Rather than reading this section, look at the figures. The figures are most helpful.
• The fourth part of the article (The Discussion) will summarize the results and discuss the implications of the research.
Step 3: Write a summary of the article in your own words. Be sure to discuss the a) previous studies and the purpose of the current study, b) the methods, c) the results, and d) the discussion. It should be obvious that you read the article, not just the abstract. The summary should be at least (e.g., a minimum of) 1 paragraph (5-6 sentences) long in APA format, Times New Roman font, size 12, double-spaced, and with proper citations an APA styled reference of the article. I recommend adhering to the guidelines below of sentence structure for each section in order to increase your chances of obtaining a good grade. Plagiarized papers will result in a zero and judicial action.
Step 4: Turn in all papers WITH a copy of the articles on the due date. An electronic copy of everything should be submitted via Folio.
Critical Note: Do NOT write your review on one of the two EXAMPLE articles posted in folio. Those are simply there for you to see what an article should look like and the sections it should contain. Without those sections (i.e., introduction, methods, results, discussion) you cannot complete this assignment. If you complete your summary on one of the articles provided as examples, you will receive an automatic zero and no makeups will be allowed.

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