Introduction to MAXQDA for Qualitative Analysis Due Date 6/1/22 at 8:00 PM Asses

Introduction to MAXQDA for
Qualitative Analysis
Due Date 6/1/22 at 8:00 PM
Assessment Description
Qualitative analysis software can assist with the
analysis of data. In this assignment, you will use MAXQDA analysis software,
which is used for qualitative data analysis, as well as some specialized
quantitative analysis such as quantitative content analysis. This software can
be used to analyze interview and focus group transcripts, documents,
photographs, videos, and artifacts by inductively coding the data and
developing themes using the process of thematic analysis, specific to your
selected qualitative design.
General Requirements:
Use the following information to ensure successful
completion of the assignment:
Use the MAXQDA software you downloaded in Topic 5 of
this course.
Download the transcript
“TS Focus Group” using the link shown below as well as available in
the Topic Resources for this topic.
Refer to the document, “Getting Started – MAXQDA
2020” attached to this assignment.
Code the transcript
focusing on addressing, or answering, the research question shown at the top of
the transcript document. Please do not use the
“lexical coding process for coding words and phrases”, which is used in
quantitative research.
This assignment will be scored
based on full completion of the preliminary steps and assignment tasks followed
by submission of the required deliverable.
Learners are required to use APA
style for their writing assignments. The APA Style Guide is located in
the Student Success Center.
You are not required to submit this assignment to
During Topic 5, you downloaded MAXQDA and read the
MAXQDA Getting Started Guide from within MAXQDA at
Please note the Guide is updated to the 2020 version. While vastly similar, you
may notice some differences in the appearance of the interface. Pay particular
attention as you read pages 12-24 of the Getting Started Guide.
Watch a Getting Started
Video Tutorial at for instruction
on coding and the coding system in MAXQDA.
Use the instructions on
pages 12-13 of the Guide to import the transcript document “TS Focus
Group” into the software.
Read instructions on
pages 19-24 to do the following:
Activate all documents.
Use the coding feature to
practice assigning codes to the quotes in the transcripts.
To code the document, you will highlight sentences or
long phrases, which you believe address the research question shown at the top
of the focus group transcript. Assign a code name to the highlighted text. Then
add a description for the code. Each code will show in the “code system”.
Export the coding system
and coded segments for one code in Excel.
Double click on one code to activate and export the
coded segments as an Excel table.
Submit the MAXQDA output in
EXCEL and the reflection paper to the gradebook.
Write a reflection (250-500 words) describing the following:
The value of using MAXQDA for doing coding and
thematic analysis.
The challenges you faced in downloading and using
MAXQDA to do coding.
How you overcame those challenges.
Submit the following items
to the gradebook for this assignment:
Coded transcripts and code system showing your
highlighted sentences and phrases. Include the code name and description
The Excel output from MAXQDA from coding the
transcript of the focus group: coding system and coding segments for one code.
Your reflection on the use of MAXQDA.

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