INTERVENTION PROCESS Go to (I already uploaded a pdf for my res

Go to (I already uploaded a pdf for my results)
Once you complete the survey (~ 15-20 minutes), you will receive a rank ordering of the 24 strengths assessed by the VIA. You do NOT need to purchase a report for this assignment. The website has additional information about the 24 strengths. (See the video below for more information.)
Discuss the following in your paper:
Top three and bottom three character strengths. What are your top three and bottom three strengths? Do you agree with the assessment? Why or why not? Give specific examples from your life.
Strengths and well-being. How do your top three strengths contribute to your subjective well-being? Incorporate specific, concrete examples and be sure to make at least two distinct connections to the readings in this module.
Strength improvement. Select one strength that you would like to work on (does not have to be among your bottom 3). Review the information on the VIA website associated with the strength you have selected and set an intention for growing of your strength. Intentions are different from goals. Whereas goals are about aspirations and achieving something you don’t already have, intentions are about purpose and meaning, or living the life you want—who you want to be and how you want to contribute. By setting an intention to work on a strength, you’re acknowledging that you already possess the strength but would like to make it a larger focus of your life. There’s no “failing” an intention. Instead, intentions are meant to be revisited to reflect on our personal growth.
Intention Example: The strength of “humor” was #18 on my list. Although I think I can be quite funny and even goofy at times, I do have a tendency sometimes to lapse into “serious mode.” So, my intention is to become more aware of when I use humor, and how I might use humor in serious situations. I will reflect each day on moments of humor, and moments where I lapsed into serious mode. For the serious mode events, if appropriate, I will replay the situation in my mind but with some added levity. (Some events need to be serious.) I will do this without judgement. The point is simply to notice my too-serious behavior and how it might “look” different if I lighten up a little.
for personal examples just leave it for me to add. I would suggest you just put for example or highlight it so I would know where to put the example depending on what you talked about

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