International Marketing Plan Overview – read this first!! Global marketing has b

International Marketing Plan Overview – read this first!!
Global marketing has become more and more important in recent years. Having too many choices, marketers face the challenge of determining which international markets to enter and the appropriate marketing strategies for those countries. The goal of this project is to provide you with experience making marketing decisions faced by companies seeking to expand into foreign markets.
You will gather and analyze information to determine whether a country is an appropriate market for a company exploring international market expansion. The companies you may choose from include the following: Panera, Chipotle, Target, and Dollar Tree. The focus of this project is on countries that were identified as emerging markets in 2020, with a few inclusions from 2010.
Select a country from the list below to examine on a closer level:
Saudi Arabria
South Africa
In the course of analyzing this opportunity, you will provide four separate deliverables: a company overview, a cultural analysis paper, an economic analysis paper, and an international market expansion strategy paper. Though these deliverables are related, each will be submitted and graded independently.
Make sure you have read the “International Marketing Expansion Plan Overview” document before proceeding with this assignment.
Choose one of the companies listed in the overview. For that company, provide the following information. This report must follow APA or MLA formatting. You will be graded on grammar and spelling in addition to content. This is a senior level business course, and your work should reflect that.
Provide a brief history of the company.
Provide a current overview of the company that includes the industry in which it operates (eg. general merchandise, fast food) and its financial situation (including # of stores, # of employees, most recent revenues, stock price (if applicable) and other financial indicators).
Describe the current situation for the industry the company operates in.
What type of business structure is the company (, retail store, fast-food restaurant)? Describe the hierarchical organizational and managerial structure.
Describe the business’ current international operations (if any).
Other relevant company information.

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