Instructions: Diana Baumrind is famous for creating a theory which includes four

Diana Baumrind is famous for creating a theory which includes four distinct parenting styles, each of which is assessed along two dimensions: demandingness (discipline and control) and responsiveness (warmth and support). Please create an entry with a media example from pop culture, movies, or television shows that represent each of the parenting styles. You should provide an image for each parenting style example along with a written explanation of who you selected to represent that parenting style and why they are a good example of that style in terms of their demandingness and responsiveness.
Please note that points will be deducted for duplicate examples who have already been represented by another classmate, so it is important that your post be done as early as possible, and that you review your classmates posts before completing your entry to ensure your original individual is not already covered in the blog.
Please be sure to use, underline, and define any relevant terms. (These are each worth 1.5 points.)
Additionally, please include one final paragraph that describes which example most resembles the parenting style to which you were exposed as a child, and provide examples from your life as to how your parent may have demonstrated that parenting style. (2 Points)
Comment Posts:
Please post a comment on two other students who posted examples that were not included in your post. Explain your agreement with their example or opposition to their example and your reasoning. (These are each worth 1 point.)

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