Instructions: We have been studying the flow of food through an operation. The

We have been studying the flow of food through an operation. The last two weeks, we’ve focused on Storage, Preparation and Service.
You will be writing this paper from the perspective of a restaurant manager, however it should still be written using third person point of view (avoid using “I”, “me”, “we”, etc.). The format of the paper must follow APA format – that means it must include a properly formatted title page and a properly formatted reference page. Do not include an abstract.
Describe the preparation of a full meal, including salad and main course (protein, vegetable and starch). Dessert is not required.
Describe, in detail, the steps you or your employees will follow from how your ingredients are stored, how you prepare the meal (assume at least one item is frozen), through serving the meal to your customers. If you are using items that have been prepped already, (perhaps the salad) be sure to describe the procedures that the prep cook used to prepare that item. The focus should not be on recipes, but the preparation techniques and steps you are taking to ensure you are preparing and serving food safely.
Be sure to describe each step in detail, including the person or people involved, what they are wearing and their actions. Include proper storage, thawing, cooking and serving techniques. Be certain that you are taking every precaution possible to ensure the safety of the meal you are serving. How do you know that the food you are serving is safe? Follow the description through to delivering the meal to the customer.
NOTE: An Abstract is NOT required, however every paper should begin with a brief introduction and end with a brief conclusion.

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