Instructions- The organization’s strategic plan is attached Write a critical app

Instructions- The organization’s strategic plan is attached
Write a critical appraisal of the organization’s strategic plan. Identify strategic priorities and orient yourself to the key performance indicators (KPI) the organization uses to drive quality. Include the quantitative metrics of the scorecard.
Note: Lessons learned from your appraisal will inform your work in Assessments 3 and 4.
Appraisal Format and Length
Format your document using APA style.
Use the APA Style Paper Tutorial [DOCX] to help you in writing and formatting your appraisal. Be sure to include:
A title page and references page.
An abstract and running head are not required.
Appropriate section headings.
Your appraisal should be 4–5 pages in length, excluding the title page and references page.
Use the following section headings to ensure thorough content coverage and flow.
Strategic Plan Analysis.
Validity of Data and Analytical Strategies.
Stakeholder Input.
Balanced Scorecard.
The following tasks correspond to the grading criteria in the assessment scoring guide, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.
Select an organization and analyze their strategic plan.
Approach your analysis from a systems perspective.
What priorities appear to take precedence?
How well do the priorities align with the mission and vision of the organization?
Evaluate the validity of data and analytical strategies used to develop organizational priorities.
What data was most likely used to develop key performance indicators (KPIs)?
For example: patient satisfaction data, 30-day readmission data, other internal performance indicators or external regulatory measures.
What was the source of the data?
For example: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), internal data, public health data, financial data.
Explain how input from stakeholders might have been elicited and incorporated into the development of strategic priorities.
For example, strategic priorities can be developed by the board of directors, elicited from employee focus or patient advocacy groups, or derived from a combination of these approaches.
You may need to interview an organizational stakeholder for this information. If this information is unavailable to you, identify the stakeholders you would approach for their inputs.
Create a balanced scorecard for an organization.
Use four standard balanced scorecard domains: 1) financial, 2) customer, 3) internal processes, and 4) learning and growth.
o Include quantitative measures for each domain.
Are the organization’s strategic priorities balanced, or do one or more priorities receive more emphasis than the others?
Articulate meaning relevant to the main topic, scope, and purpose of the prompt.
Write with a specific purpose and audience in mind.
Adhere to scholarly and disciplinary writing standards.
Proofread your writing to minimize errors that could distract readers and make it more difficult for them to focus on the substance of your appraisal.
Apply APA formatting to in-text citations and references.
Reframing organizations : artistry, choice and leadership
Data Analytics Drives Strategic Planning in Healthcare
A Roadmap for Strategic Planning in the Healthcare Practice

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