Instructions for this Discussion Purpose: The purpose for the discussion board

Instructions for this Discussion
The purpose for the discussion board is to give students the opportunity to interact and discuss components on a variety of topics for this module with each other. This helps absorb the class material, share ideas and learn from each other. In addition, the discussion is to learn the role of the public health nurse and the health concerns and resources for the population they serve.
For this discussion, respond to the following:
Identify a program, policy, grant and/or interventions in your community/state/region that has improved the conditions in people’s environment and the health status of populations. The identified program, policies, grant and/or intervention must be within the last 5 years and contributes to reducing health disparities and improve health and well-being for all people, include data in your discussion board post.
Examples of places/websites to research may include City Consolidated Government Plan, Crime prevention strategies, Gang task force, Narcotics task force, Pastors Policy Academy, Drug abuse resistance education (DARE), Partners in Education, Crime Stoppers, Seniors and Lawmen Together (SALT), The Explorers Program, Neighborhood Watch Programs, Parks and Recreation, Department of Public Health, The National Coalition for the Homeless etc.
For this discussion, make sure that your response(s) are substantial. You should have one original post with two citations/references in APA format and two peer responses. Citations must be within 5 years from a credible source. (i.e., reputable website .gov; .org; edu or textbook or scholarly, peer-reviewed article these are located through GALILEO.
Grading Criteria
This assignment is worth 100 points. Please refer to the discussion board grading rubric.
Due Date
Your initial post is due by Wed. 11:59 PM est.
Responses to your peers must be posted by Sunday 11:59 PM est. (See Syllabus for Due Dates)

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