In order to enhance your knowledge of case study conceptualization, you are resp

order to enhance your knowledge of case
study conceptualization, you are responsible for completing a seminar
style/ individual/small group discussion accompanied with a handout. You will
work in a group or individually with no
more than 3 other class members on this project. For the first part
of this assignment groups will choose a person from a film or literary work and
develop a case study of this individual in a written
document. The individual the
group/individual chooses may be fictional or non-fictional but cannot have a
formal diagnosis, EX: Carrie Fischer. The second part of this
assignment is to discuss the history, symptom summary, differential diagnosis,
final diagnosis, explain your rationale for the diagnosis, treatment, and
prognosis/outcome. You will need to
support your findings with at least 1 (one) peer reviewed article on the
disorder diagnosed and cite using APA format.
The Purdue Owl is a great resource for how to
cite in APA style:
case study will include the following:
· Historical information of the
individual (family, social, medical, psychological treatment history)
· Symptoms, (behavioral, cognitive,
emotional, somatic)
· Presenting symptoms, demographics
(age, race/ethnicity, sex/gender orientation/identification, socioeconomic
status, educational background, etc.)
· Behavioral presentation (affect,
mood, body gestures, eye contact, self-care, etc.).
· Differential diagnosis
· Diagnosis
· Diagnostic impression using
criteria of disorder.
· Treatment of disorder.
· Prognosis/Outcome

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