In essay format, write a six-page paper that addresses these five questions. Rel

In essay format, write a six-page paper that addresses these five questions. Rely on your personal experiences and the course materials; no outside resources needed. Double space and twelve-point font. This assignment is due the last day of class.
1. Community can be seen as more than a geographical location; for example, there are communities of place, communities of interests, communities of concern, and virtual communities. In what ways have we seen people working together to strengthen the community, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic? How might/have these efforts contributed to peoples’ quality of life and sense of community? Why do you think it is important to see and serve community through a wider-lens and how does it better inform your sense of social location?
2. Capital, as referred to in the essay What is Asset Based Community Development, can be seen as social capital. Social capital refers to human trust, shared understandings, and social ties. How does serving a community of friends and family impact your connection/relationships, social ties, trust, and shared understandings? How does social capital lead to a better understanding of community in our everyday lives? Provide two examples.
3. Assets can be seen as gifts, skills, and creative acts. Assets reflect our human values and how we live everyday life. What assets do you have in your life, as a person, your family, your community, school, country, and any other aspect of life that serves as a context for your life? Before thinking about this how aware were you of these values and assets? In what ways have you previously engaged these assets and your values? Reflecting on reciprocity, how do you see reciprocity play out when you share yourself and your assets? In other words, what do you receive back from giving forth your time, skills, creativity, and lived values? For those of you who did engage at a site remotely with students how did you see this play out in those experiences?
4. After completing the fifteen hours of community engagement, including watching videos and reading various articles related to the course, how do you better understand what it means to be an active citizen, and use your voice, in the context of family, friends, and local community or government? In what way is it your social responsibility to engage others and impact their lives in positive ways? In what way is it one’s social responsibility to reflect on the development of an actively engaged citizen mind-set and a sense of belonging?
5. Reflect on the YouTube-Ted Talk the Danger of a Single Story, as related to power, privilege and perspective. Next, identify ways in which you have observed power, privilege and perspective play out in your community or others. Or, consider one or two ways you gained insights regarding the impact of a single story and what steps might be taken to address the issue.

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