I need a 500 to 600 word essay explaining why I chose to pursue a degree in heal

I need a 500 to 600 word essay explaining why I chose to pursue a degree in healthcare. this assignment is creative thinking is for a scholarship application. here is a little about myself The reason why I chose to pursue a career in healthcare is because I want to care and help for people. I come from a family of eight, after losing my mother and 2015 and you don’t want to waste your time by doing nothing My mother always wanted to become a nurse, but The life of her family came at a cost of sacrifice, she sacrificed her dream of being a nurse for her family. though she worked as a CNA, her dream was always to become a nurse. I have learned that I am my mother’s daughter and I too dream of becoming a nurse and picking up the mantle she has I strive to succeed on my path to nursing. to be in a healthcare you have to have strength, you have to have courage, you have to have compassion and love for others. this is not a journey those who seek and easy path this journey is for those who know the path will be hard to bear and still persevere through because at the end of the journey success will be obtainable.
this is pretty much all I got for my essay that I wrote feel free to have creative thinking change up the essay If you need to know more about my personality I am kind I’m caring I’m friendly I am overachiever I’m a workaholic,

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