I am doing a cause-and-effect paper. Below is my thesis statement and I would li

I am doing a cause-and-effect paper. Below is my thesis statement and I would like to use it. in
In the attachment I have my work cited, you can use those sources to go by. if you need more
feel free to use what you’re able to find.
The focus this week is on how to draft, revise, and edit your work. Using the thesis statement, outline, and the five sources you researched last week, you will draft the body of your paper. A sample outline template is attached below.
The length of your paper will be 3-5 pages and will include the following.
Introduction: Include a thesis statement that states exactly what you will be describing.
Background: Historical or important background information pertaining to the chosen intervention. Keep in mind cultural, ethnicity, economic, sex, age, and other important issues pertaining to diversity, access, and inclusion.
Description of the intervention: Describe how it works, what the intended results are, and who it is for
Comparison: Compare it with another intervention, or what usually happens when this intervention is not introduced
Limitations: What are the limitations of your intervention? Is it expensive? Only for a certain group? Are there ways it could be improved?
Conclusion: Focus on reiterating your main points, and share your personal learning and reflections on the research you are presenting.
References: A minimum of five (5) scholarly articles required and in-paper citations should match the references listed. Publications should be 2014 and earlier unless used for historical comparatives.

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