(I ALSO ATTACHED MY PROPOSAL PAPER) Instructions: The goal of this assignment i

The goal of this assignment is to challenge you to integrate and apply majority of the
information that you will learn through this class over the course of the semester to
develop a research proposal. The research proposal can be quantitative or qualitative.
Once you have identified a problem, you will then undertake a brief literature review on
the topic and come up with objectives/research questions that your proposal will seek to
address/answer. You then select an appropriate methodology based on consultation with
the instructor. The mode of data collection may include surveys, interviews with key
stakeholders, focus groups, or analysis of existing data, among others.
Your research proposal will typically involve: (1) identifying the problem; (2) describing
the nature and extent of the problem; (3) conducting a literature review of the problem
and what past studies have found with respect to your problem; (4) identifying gaps in the
literature and state the objective(s)/research question(s) that the proposal will be
addressing; (5) proposing a method for that you will want to use to carry out the research
and explaining the process in detail; (6) proposing a method that you will use in
collecting the data; and (7) discussing possible implications that could arise if you are
able to carry out the proposed research.
Please submit the assignment using the Canvas Assignment tab:
1. Final Research Proposal Paper
Only one person in the group needs to submit the assignment. Save the file using the
following format for the name:
Last names of group members – Final Research Proposal Paper
For example:
Baiden_Stewart_Smith – Final Research Proposal Paper.doc
If you are not working in a group, then save the file using the following format for the
For example:
Baiden – Final Research Proposal Paper.doc
Papers should be typed, double spaced, using 1-inch margins, 12 point Times New
Roman font. Title and reference pages are required. An abstract is not required. Follow
APA 6th Edition style guidelines. The Research Proposal Paper (not including title
and reference pages) should be between 6 to 10 pages.

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