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Decide on a moral theory we studied in this class that you would feel comfortable adopting as your personal ethical position. Thoroughly explain the theory you chose and why you chose it. Reference an outside source to support your position. Finally, give an example of a moral dilemma from your personal or professional life and how the theory you chose would help you solve it.
Important Note: If you choose a heavily-criticized theory, such as the Divine Command Theory, Subjective Relativism, or Cultural Relativism, you need to analyze and explain in a philosophical fashion why you chose this theory despite the powerful objections to them. Personal testimonials absent philosophical analysis are not acceptable in this paper.
Grading Criteria
Submit this project as an MS Word document or PDF through D2L. To get an A on this assignment, your capstone essay must do the following:
Indicate in your thesis the ethical theory you chose.
Thoroughly define the ethical theory.
Explain your decision based on what you learned about evaluating moral theories (i.e. coherence, strength of its arguments, lack of fallacies, if it contradicts our moral intuitions or moral principles, and if it useful).
Compare and contrast your theory to one other moral theory you learned about. Why didn’t you chose the other moral theory instead of the one you chose?
Thoroughly explain a moral dilemma from your personal or private life that you have faced or could face. What are the choices one could make when facing the dilemma (in other words, what alternatives does one have in the situation)? What are the consequences of choosing poorly?
Finally, explain how the moral theory you chose could guide you in successfully navigating your moral dilemma.
Use a minimum of one quality outside source to support a point you make.
Format and Length
Your essay must cite sources using APA format.
Include a reference list of sources cited in your paper; the list must be presented in APA format.
Double-space the text.
The typeface should be 12-point Times New Roman font.
Use Word default margins, and do not right-justify the text.
The document should be 4-6 pages, not including any front or end matter.
Focus, Unity, Cohesiveness, and Originality
An introduction should stimulate reader interest and provide an overview of the topic being discussed. The introduction must contain your thesis, which should indicate what theory you chose for your personal ethical position.
The rest of the paper should be focused and coherently organized.
A well-stated conclusion should bring closure to the paper.
Paraphrase or quote other sources (and cite when you do so); do not plagiarize.
Composition, Grammar, and Mechanics
The use of topic sentences and logical paragraphing should be demonstrated.
Sentences must be clearly written and varied in structure.
An academic tone should be maintained, but avoid inflated diction and define jargon in the text.
Good English grammar, mechanics, and spelling must be utilized.
Due Date
May 1, 2022 11:59 PM

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