Have the cold case proposal done here will attach that file now looking for the

Have the cold case proposal done here will attach that file now looking for the final paper to be done !
Final project (100 points) – DUE May 8th by 11:59pm
The final project (in whatever form you choose) is due via upload to D2L by 11:59pm on May 8th. You can of course upload earlier (and this is encouraged!). You will have a great deal of freedom with this project as long as you meet the requirements. If you submit your project late, 10% will be deducted from the final grade for each day it is received after the deadline.
You can organize your work how you want according to the format you have selected, but it must include the following elements:
1. Introduction
a. Provide a brief summary of the case and what aspects you will discuss
2. Detailed summary and timeline
a. Provide all the relevant details for understanding the case (e.g. victim profile, circumstances of the case, suspects, law enforcement involvement, etc.)
b. Give a specific overview on how the crime unfolded and the circumstances of the investigation.
c. Provide a timeline of events relevant to the case: for example, date remains were discovered, dates of investigation, dates of important media coverage, etc.
3. Discussion
a. Discussion of forensic anthropology in the case: How, specifically, was forensic anthropology used in the case? Or, how could forensic anthropology been used? It is acceptable to speculate on how forensic anthropology could have been used if you cannot find many details on your case. Many forensic cases are not mass media events; if you find that you cannot find much information, focus on what you do know and what has been left out of the media reports. It is also acceptable to write this section as a critique! How and why was forensic anthropology not used? How could the use of forensic anthropology have helped the potential outcome of the case?
b. Discussion of two or more topics from class as they relate to your case. Examples include: trauma (gunshot wounds, sharp or blunt force trauma, etc.), aspects of the biological profile, postmortem interval, taphonomic changes, personal identification, search and recovery, forensic archaeology, CSI effect, forensics in the media and misconceptions, human rights, etc. Check the syllabus for other ideas.
c. Discussion of why the case is still cold: Why do you think this case has not been solved? What are the main reasons why the case went cold and remained cold?
4. At least 3 images to illustrate your points as appropriate
a. You do not have to use images that are specifically from your case if you can’t find any.
b. You must caption or describe all images and how they relate to your case.
5. Sources cited (within the text if handing in a paper; in a separate document if handing in a project in another format)
a. All information from outside sources needs to be cited within the text of the report.
b. Citation style is up to you, but it needs to remain uniform.
i. I suggest numbering references in order of appearance in the text
ii. Example: The Newbury Police Department investigated the scene for four days and eventually recovered the body of John Smith in a deep ravine (1). In this example, the “1” refers to the first source used in the Wiki. That source will appear listed first in the References Cited page.
6. All submissions must include a reference list/bibliography
a. All references used for the report must be documented on a References Cited page
b. Use a uniform citation style
c. Provide enough information so the instructor can locate each original source if needed
1. Summary of case and timeline
2. Discussion of the use or potential use of forensic anthropology
3. Discussion about how and why the case is still cold
4. Narrative is clear and easy to follow
5. Presentation is good quality, reflects time and effort

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