Guiding Productive Teams Complete your Module 5 Assignment by the end of Week 5.

Guiding Productive Teams
Complete your Module 5 Assignment by the end of Week 5.
In this assignment, you will research and review strategies, techniques, and processes for interviewing potential employees, hiring and orienting new employees, and dismissing ineffective employees. You will also reflect upon applications of what you have learned in this course.
Step 1. Review
Review the employee handbook for your professional setting or other available professional documents addressing policies and procedures relating to these topics:
Hiring practices
Performance evaluation
Workplace behavior
Disciplinary action
Exit interview
Step 2. Research
Conduct research on practices for candidate interview processes. Reflect on how each practice aligns with what you have learned in this course connecting communication, relationships, and behaviors. Decide whether (and if so, how) these topics should be included in interview processes:
Communication skills
Step 3. Reflect
Reflect upon team dynamics and professional and interprofessional communications and behaviors from a healthcare manager perspective. Consider when and how improper communications or behavior should be addressed.
Step 4. Outline
Based upon evidence-based best practices, outline at least 8 guiding statements or actions for each of these tasks:
Interviewing candidates
Hiring new employees
Inducting/orienting new employees
Communicating unsatisfactory performance and improvement plans
Separation from employment (firing)
Step 5. Develop
Develop sections of a policy and procedure manual based on human resource principles to guide interviewing candidates, hiring, and separation within a healthcare setting.  Each section should be concise, evidence-based, and reflect easy to measure actions and outcomes.
Step 6. Reflect
Reflect upon how objectives, concepts, examples, and activities from this course can influence your communications and behaviors as a healthcare leader. Record your reflections in a 1- to 2-page essay.
Step 7. Submit
Submit the following:
Title page for policies and procedures manual sections
Policies and procedures manual sections as specified in Steps 1-5
References (for policies and procedures manual sections)
Reflections essay

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