“for your final paper, you are writing about either: any text from the Norton An

“for your final paper, you are writing about either: any text from the Norton Anthology of African-American Literature; Braithwaite’s novel My Sister, The Serial Killer, or Leonard’s collection of poems (you can pick one or two to focus on). You must have citations from the Norton, but also a source that is vetted (a scholarly essay… think of the one that you read about Elizabeth Keckley, for example). If you are using Braithwaite’s novel, you can still engage the Norton. You can also use the various sources (e.g., videos) that we watched in class (I provided those links in class, in the chats).”
Be able to articulate your thesis! What is your text and what are you saying about it (e.g., theme)? Think about your critical lens, how you are viewing/reading your text. You’re “reading” (really analyzing/examining) a text through a particular lens to get at your theme… (you should be able to underline your thesis >> In this paper, I (examine, analyze…)
Analyzed text (no more than two) must either be from the Norton Anthology of African-American Literature; any one or two poems from Rodney Leonard’s Sweetgum & Lightning (remember, he gave you his email address if you had any questions!); or Oyinke Braithwaite’s novel My Sister, The Serial Killer
Your paper must have a title (center it)
MLA formatted: 1”-1.25” L/R margins; 1” T/B margins; 12 pt. font throughout; in-text citations and also Works Cited page
Books, periodicals, and films are italicized. “Essays, articles, poems, songs, and words that are not your own are in quotes.” Remeber to do proper in-text citation (Esdaile 7). According to Prof. Esdaile, proper citing is important (7). Nothing in your paper is in bold or IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
You must have at least five sources in your Works Cited: of course, the Norton Anthology; a scholarly article showing that you engaged another scholar regarding your text/topic
Theme could either be Intersectionality between a person’s race and gender (womanism in the case of black women), Intersection between race, class and gender. OR how historical events hace lead racism against people of color in the modern day. OR how music and literature genres historically done by people of color have had an influence on modern day music, literature, and art.
Poems to use in essay but not limited to: “If We Must Die” By Claude Mckay, “Black Boy” By Richard Wright, and “Harlem Shadows” By Claude Mckay.
This will bw my final paper that i am entrusting upon a brave soul due to my working hours. This will be highly appreciated.

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