For week 4, The tasks are as follows: 1) Reading: Enchanted Wisdom, pp. 63-75 2

For week 4, The tasks are as follows:
1) Reading: Enchanted Wisdom, pp. 63-75
2) Candomblé Dancing in Salvador, Brazil
18 min. video
Click link to open resource.
3) Vodou Priestess Manbo Katy
14 min. video
Click link to open resource.
The above videos MUST be watched and the specified textbook page Must be read before answering the following questions:
Question: In the Yoruba stories, rituals, and dances what are the gods being called on to do? Why might these rituals and music be important to people away from their ancestral homeland? What role does race and gender play? What drum beats attract or repel you? Why?
Attention: Students may comment (or require clarification) to your response to the question above, please be ready to respond via chat within the hour.
please don’t accept my order if you don’t understand the instruction
please dont accept my order if you can not respond via chat within 1hr to any comment my classmates may have about the answer you will give me to upload.
Part of the assignment includes, defending the answers to the question that you will give to me via chat.
Please dont hire a third party to do my order.
This part of the assignemnt is marked out of 6points
The Strategy of answering Questions in the course is as follows:
In a 10-point system: Part 1 is 6 point.
for analyzing the weekly readings/videos in specific detail, quoting or
paraphrasing relevant sections, critiquing and/or expanding arguments with original,
concrete examples.
3-points for drawing detailed
connections between ancient wisdom and the ways in which it gets expressed,
interpreted, and/or embodied today. Responding to fellow classmates concerns about your response to the question within the hr. 2 points for discussing in detail with your classmates.
The Next Part of the Assignment is discussing 2 random comments (i.e two random answers to the same question you answered) from other students and relating it to what you have answered previously.
4-points for discussing other students’ comments in some depth, encouraging further discussion with constructive criticism and intelligent questioning throughout the week. Give your colleagues more than 24-hrs. to analyze and respond to your arguments.
I will create new other order where you can respond to other student’s comment or answer to the same questions, But at this time, their comments are not available. However, i wlll create the order now and update the instruction later with the comments. Let me know if this is ok by you.
The format will be same for 12 weeks. No surprises
Be specific. Cite individual lines from readings, or minute marks from our audio/visual clips. When discussing yourself, describe concrete examples or experiences. For example, don’t write, “Selfish behavior makes me angry.” Instead, describe a particular time when someone’s specific action made you angry, in what way, and why. If describing loving emotions in a film clip, describe the character’s facial expressions and body language to show that they are in love.

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