For three generations, no one has experienced a global pandemic (disease outbrea

For three generations, no one has experienced a global pandemic (disease outbreak) on this level. Putting aside your political views (aka your opinions about whether the current government in the US is doing a good job) and taking a more academic or objective view of this issue, I would like for you to read the following article by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Dr. Niccolò Pisani:
Dr. Pisani has a strong opinion about the state global economic exchange after the pandemic. This perspective is tied to what we have been studying in this class. After reading the article, I would like for you to briefly articulate what you think is the point or main idea of Dr. Pisani’s article. Then, write your own opinion piece agreeing or disagreeing with Dr. Pisani with an explanation why. Use material related and a few examples from our class such as the country profile assignments or the research exercises to help support your opinion. It is important that you appreciate that this is an opinion/argument essay assignment. Do not rely solely on this author’s opinion in this article as your source. Develop your own ideas and opinion about this situation or about the implications of the scenario in the current global climate and future considerations. Use your textbook, various online, and other digital resources, but cite ALL work with both in-text citations and a bibliography. You will be graded on the depth and breadth of your argument and understanding of world issues as introduced in this class to inform outlook defined in your essay.

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