For this presentation, we will utilize the PESTEL analysis and Strategic Group M

For this presentation, we will utilize the PESTEL analysis and Strategic Group Mapping you completed in module 2. Then, we will research and add the Five Strategic Competitive Strategies to complete a 8-10 minutes presentation.
Please research and share the findings from your research regarding:
Utilize your PESTEL analysis from module 2 to share your findings.
Utilize your Strategic Group Map from module 2 to share your findings.
Five Strategic Competitive Strategies:
Which one of the five generic competitive strategies can best be utilized to compete successfully for the organization you have selected (please utilize the contrasting features in table 5.1 to assist you).
Select a competitor from the strategic group map and determine if they have employed a low-cost strategy, differentiation strategy, or best-cost strategy? Explain.
What recommendation or recommendations do you have to achieve or maintain a competitive advantage over this competitor?
Draw a conclusion: After putting information together from these three components what strategic conclusion(s) and/or action step(s) are necessary?
The assignment is set up as a discussion allowing students to be able to view other presentations. For full credit, students are required to view and reply to 2 classmates.
Presentation Directions:
Time: 8-10 minutes. Students will be docked points for going shorter or longer. Students will record their videos in Canvas. If you are not familiar with how to do this, please review the link below. Keep in mind, it takes time to save your recording in Canvas.
Please begin your presentation with an introduction, the organization you are researching, and your connection to the organization.
How to record in Canvas
We may also utilize an application like PowerPoint, Canva, Prezi, etc. to upload as our presentation. Please note that if we use an application that we must have the video feature turned-on.
Make sure to demonstrate critical thinking and analysis. Be creative and ensure the information flows logically. Also, be professional in tone and capture the interest of the audience.
Grading Criteria: 25 points total
Content: 10 points (Student addresses the required information and demonstrates an understanding of the information in the Goodson text)
Time: 5 points (Student stays within the required time 8-10 minutes)
Tone, flow & organization: 5 points (Presentation is organized and keeps the interest of the audience)

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