For this assignment, you take on the role of a personal retirement planner who i

For this assignment, you take on the role of a personal retirement planner who is preparing a memo for your client. In the memo, explain to the client the financial and risk considerations
that go into planning for retirement.
Write a 4–5 page paper using the following instructions:
Describe the importance of factors to consider when developing a retirement plan. These will
include age, marital status, number of dependents, health, life expectancy, and other sources of income such as social security and pensions.
Examine the relationship between risk and return and its impact on decisions about saving for retirement. Provide examples of the relationship.
Explain how risk factors (such as age and personal risk tolerance) impact the allocation of
assets included in a retirement plan. Support your explanation with examples of how asset
allocation changes as the risk factors change
Analyze how fiscal and monetary policies may impact retirement plans.
a. Research how changes in fiscal policy and monetary policy can impact retirement savings.
b. This research should include how changes in policies, including interest rates, tax rates,
and policies that impact savings (IRAs, 401k), can impact retirement plans.
Evaluate the implications of the time value of money with respect to saving for retirement.
Support the answer with specific examples and explanations.
Use 4–5 sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and
appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your
assignment. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library
Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) requires the use of in-text citations. In-text citations are within the sentences of your assignments, presentations, or event discussion posts. Insert an in-text citation each time you paraphrase, summarize, or quote the words or
ideas of another. An SWS in-text citation has two parts.

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