For this assignment, students will select an organization and assess the option

For this assignment, students will select an organization and assess the option to expand the reach of its operations and/or services into a new country. You need to choose a company that already has enough data and materials, and you need to review the company of how and why it went global. Students should complete the following steps:
1. External assessment: Students should utilize tools such as PESTLE Analysis to assess the external factors within the new region of interest. The output of the assessment should help to develop an in-depth understanding of external forces and variables that might influence the company’s business within the host region to varying degrees. Variables should be specific and preferably, quantifiable. Examples include ease of conducting business, licensing, hiring practices and policies, credit and banking, taxes, contract enforcement, trading across borders, culture, demographics and psychographics, market readiness, infrastructure and technology, economic conditions, politics, and legal factors.
2. Strategy formulation and key task identification: Using the results of the external assessment, students should formulate 2-3 alternative strategies to facilitate a successful expansion. Students are required to clearly indicate those external factors that informed and guided the formulation of the alternative strategies. For each alternative strategy, students should define at least two (2) key tasks that facilitate the implementation of the strategy upon completion.
3. Structure selection: Strategy shapes structure. Students should select and justify an appropriate structure (top-down, bottom-up, or both) for at least three (3) tasks identified in the previous step.
This paper will be 7 pages (excluding cover page and reference page); APA writing conventions should be followed with a minimum of eight (8) sources referenced and cited.

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