For the final paper, students will complete a 7–10-page paper (body of paper) wh

For the final paper, students will complete a 7–10-page paper (body of paper) which will focus on a selected issue that relates to the main objectives of the course. Papers should be specific to the concepts and/or issues we have learned about this semester. Students will utilize research (a minimum of four scholarly sources and use of the class text are required) and other data collection to produce a research-based paper that includes a well-developed analysis and critical examination of the issue/s explored. The final paper is worth 125 points and thus requires effort and some time to complete. Papers should be original work; no previous papers may be recycled for this class.
DUE DATE for Option #1: Friday, May 6, 2021 @11:59pm in CANVAS. (Turnitin will be used for final papers). NOTE: I have moved the due date for this option to Friday (5/6) because I realize I am getting this information out a bit later than expected.
**24-hour grace will be honored on original due date, after this time NO LATE PAPERS will be accepted.
1) Introduction: Introduce your topic, its significance, and why you wanted to write about it. Include a research question and how you planned to answer it. The introduction should draw your reader in.
2) Literature Review: This is a section where you explore what research has already been done on the issue/topic you selected. What is the research question? What were the methods? What were the findings? Why is the research important to your paper? These are not summaries, rather you examine a thorough range of the research and group the research in themes and discuss them together. These should not be paragraphs of each research study you find, nor are they summaries. There are lots of resources on how to write good literature reviews, I recommend looking at one or two to help get a good grasp on how they should be written.
3) Methods: Here you will explain what methods you used to conduct the research. For example, is it a quantitative paper, a historical analysis paper, a content analysis paper? Did you utilize secondary data? Historical documents? Interview data? You can include any definitions of your concepts in this section. You can reiterate your research question. And explain how you analyzed your data.
4) Analysis: Develop a strong and critical analysis of the topic/issue. Here is where you will delve into the data/research to help answer your research question. What did you find? What were the results of your data analysis? You can incorporate cases/case law to examine your topic in terms of the justice system. You will discuss the research in relation to concepts from the course text. This will be a good portion of your paper.
5) Discussion/Conclusion: Here you can discuss your overall thoughts about what you found and how the research you did contributes to the research already established. Talk about the significance of your findings. Wrap up with suggestions for improvements or additional research needed. Limitations is also good to discuss here.
Guidelines: Papers are to be double-spaced, with one-inch margins all the way around. Times New Roman in 12-point font is to be used. Proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and APA citations are expected (use your APA manual for guidance). Include a cover page and follow the formatting directions above. Seven (7) full pages is the minimum requirement and ten (10) is the maximum. Be sure to follow all guidelines. Papers full of fluff, direct quotes, or papers that are incomplete will not receive credit. These are fairly short papers so they should be written well and be on task. *Please check that your paper has been uploaded and submitted correctly, AND on time. I will not accept late papers due to failed uploads or students not submitting correctly. So double check that your paper has been submitted. If you have any issues, contact me BEFORE the deadline.
Pointers: Do not try and cover everything in this paper. Stay focused and on topic. Draft an outline to help organize your paper. Double check your citations before turning in your paper. This is your opportunity to show me what you have learned this semester and how you can apply what you learned in the paper. Be sure you covered all parts of the paper. Use the list of preferred scholarly journals posted in CANVAS to help locate scholarly sources.

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