For my final project I have chosen to write about the topic of health communicat

For my final project I have chosen to write about the topic of health communication related to
emergency services. There is always a high volume of people that do not need to be within the
hospital due to low impact inguries. There is a lot of miscommunication between the general
public and health care providers. More research needs to be done on this topic of informing the
public of when they’re emergency is truly an emergency.
There are some questions that I would like to answer within my paper because I feel as though
they are relevant to this topic.
The general public and health care providers
When should i go to the emergency room?
When is it appropriate to call emergency services?
Content: At minimum, your project should include the following elements (not necessarily in this order):
Background on your topic. What do we already know about the elements of your topic? Which terms do you need to define? What historical context would your audience benefit from knowing?
Reflexive thinking. How does your position as an author impact your relationship with the topic? This could be narrating an experience that led you to the topic, acknowledgements of privilege/marginalization, limitations/affordances of your perspective, how you’ve changed as a result of this topic (researching/experiencing it), etc. Incorporate this where you see fit; it can be its own section or threaded through the other sections.
Connection to health communication concepts. How is your topic about communication? What principles/theories/concepts from class are relevant to your topic? How does your topic build on our current knowledge in health communication?
Current problems/debates on your topic. What contemporary conversations are happening around your topic? What are current issues about the topic (barriers to patient care? policy problems? lack of education? etc.)? Are there large-scale disagreements in political/scholarly/mainstream discourses of the topic? What are different groups saying?
Potential solutions/critical arguments. Take a clear stance on the topic, whether it is a solution for current problems or a position in conflicting discourses. Defend your stance with sound argumentation.

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