For Module 3 Assignment, you are required to provide response for all FOUR quest

For Module 3 Assignment, you are required to provide response for all FOUR questions.
Let me know if you have any other questions.
Go to, locate the list of SWOT analyses, and click the link to go to the SWOT for Toys “R” Us.
What are Toys “R” Us’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?
Analyze Toys “R” Us’s weaknesses. How do you think the company’s strengths might be used to overcome some of its weaknesses?
Analyze Toys “R” Us’s opportunities and threats. What additional opportunities can you suggest? What additional threats can you identify?
Now that you have learned some of the basic principles of organization, pause and think about where you have already applied such concepts yourself or when you have been part of an organization that did.
Did you find a division of labor necessary and helpful?
Were you assigned specific tasks or left on your own to decide what to do?
Were promotions based strictly on qualifications, as Weber suggested? What other factors may have been considered?
What problems seem to emerge when an organization gets larger?
What organizational changes might you recommend to the auto companies? The airline industry?
Imagine you are working for Kitchen Magic, an appliance manufacturer that produces dishwashers. A competitor introduces a new dishwasher that uses sound waves not only to clean even the worst burned-on food but also to sterilize dishes and silverware. You need to develop a similar offering fast, or your company will lose market share. Write an e-mail to management outlining the problem and explaining your rationale for recommending use of a cross-functional team to respond quickly.
One way to create new jobs in the United States is to increase innovation among new graduates from engineering and the sciences. How can the United States motivate more students to major in those areas?

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