First – Ethics in research is very important. What do you think of when you thi

First – Ethics in research is very important. What do you think of when you think of “research ethics”?
Research ethics is very different than situational or behavioral ethics that you encounter every day/night in practice.
Research ethics is specific to the research being conducted: do the researchers have appropriate training to work with the population they are studying? Are the researchers keeping the data anonymous and stored safely? Did the researchers get all necessary approvals granted to conduct the research?
Consider who the research subjects are and the data being collected. Subjects may be children who are minors. Or elderly people with Alzheimer’s diagnoses. Data might include information that the subject wants to remain private, like a diagnosis. How can we conduct research to determine and develop best practices, but still protect our subjects?
In addition to reading your textbook chapters, read the “Keeping It Ethical” sections at the end of each chapter.
-Search the literature using keywords: “research ethics” and/or “ethics in research”. Pick one article to share in discussion!
-Think about: if you were on the research team how would you resolve this ethical dilemma? Or is there no good resolution? Now….let’s see if we can make a picture and just a few words represent nursing research ethics. This is gonna be fun…..
Go to (Links to an external site.) or any website you use to create memes. You know, a meme is a picture with words on the top and bottom- like this:

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