Essay prompt: It is sometimes argued that the most hardworking people deserve t

Essay prompt: It is sometimes argued that the most hardworking people deserve to earn the most money. Explain three distinct arguments against this idea offered by philosophers we have read in this course. Do you agree with these arguments? Why or why not? You must cite at least three of the following readings: Bhattacharya, Young, Rawls, Anderson WIPE, Anderson PG, Shelby, Cohen, Gutman, and Thompson.
Grading Criteria
The paper will be mainly assessed according to the following criteria
___Does the paper directly answer the question?
___Does the paper make an argument, including claims and reasons?
___Does the paper accurately represent claims and reasons from the claims we have read in the class? How nuanced are the representations of the philosophers’ views?
___Does the paper raise an objection to one of the views expressed in it?
___Is the writing clear?
Advice on Writing in Philosophy:
Philosophy papers are different from papers in other classes. They should make a single argument. You should feel free to use the words “I” and “my position” in the paper; most philosophers do because it helps distinguish one’s position from others under discussion. Please look at these links for advice about writing a philosophy paper, see: and .
Additionally, a philosophy paper should have a thesis of the form x because y and should directly answer the question. So if I were answering the question, “What does Descartes think of knowledge based on authority?” the thesis of my paper should look like “Descartes thinks knowledge based on authority is fallible, because other people sometimes deceive us.” Directly answering the question, and not just accurately summarizing some part of the material, is required for papers to receive grades above C.

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