Essay on the following narrative please see the instructions and template: Objec

Essay on the following narrative please see the instructions and template:
Objective 4:
The professional nurse develops expertise in the ability to communicate therapeutically and develop therapeutic nursing interventions to facilitate identified patient outcomes.
1. Put your name in the header of the objective narrative.
2. Paste the specific objective description at the top of the page both by number and complete description.
Elements to address in narrative:
Discuss how you have improved your expertise in utilizing therapeutic communication to achieve desirable patient outcomes.
Discuss how you communicate effectively with all members of the healthcare team, including the patient and the patient’s support network.
Provide a broad description of therapeutic nursing interventions utilized in your nursing practice.
Provide a summary paragraph that discusses how the documents listed in your Table of Contents help to support your meeting of this specific objective’s criteria. Describe how your achievements support your professional growth that pertains to this objective.
Include a Table of Contents for documents that apply to this objective.
3. In your final summary paragraph, describe how the documents you will list in your Table of Contents help demonstrate that you have mastered the competency listed in this objective. For instance, “My RN license is essential to my ability to gain experience in my field and assures that I meet the basic knowledge and skill requirements for patient safety.”
4. At the end of your document, please include a Table of Contents listing all the
supporting documents that apply to the objective. You may use the documents several times over the course of the entire Portfolio but you will only need to upload them once (with the possible exception of your current license and updated Resume). However, with each narrative, it is expected that you will describe how each document helps support the fact that you have met this specific objective.
5. List references in APA format if you have cited any in the body of the narrative.
My ideas: see attached
I have attached some references to use.
For the table of contents: I would like to include the core values from the college that I attend for nursing. Also, use my resume, job performance review, required training, and CCU orientation checklist. I have information from a paper that I wrote on resiliency (see attached).
Please see Objective 3-15 Template for further information.

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