Each response must be 200 words.(Total of 5 reponses) DO NOT summarize the chapt

Each response must be 200 words.(Total of 5 reponses) DO NOT summarize the chapter or copy and paste from the book or Internet websites. Give your own opinions and thoughts. You are encouraged to use personal experiences and/or events. Doesnt have to be MLA nor double spaced.
You can respond to these students:
Ch. 5
The topic that I found extremely interesting in this chapter was Implicit/Nondeclarative Memory, mainly with the term “Procedural memory.” I hadn’t realized that many of the things I do during the day always have a procedure, or at least for me it’s a kind of organization that helps me not to stress so I don’t forget the things I have to do. I usually organize my day on an agenda or in a To Do list, every day is always the same routine or sometimes a couple of changes are added. I also found it very interesting what priming is, because I didn’t know that such a thing had a name. I mean that priming means to change a behavior after a recent experience. Like for example this month, called the month of women or that is what I heard. When I was little I didn’t know exactly what the meaning of being a woman was. Now that I’ve grown up and seeing all the experiences that we women have gone through, it’s more than obvious that my behavior changed, I changed to wanting to defend my rights, equality, and the security that we all deserve. This is exactly priming, and always in this month I see things that make me feel sororidad. Because of all the women who go out in marches and all the cases they defend.
Ch. 6
Chapter six goes over different types of intelligence and I personally like the specific theory that psychologist Howard Gardner developed; it goes into a simple list of multiple intelligences. He argued that “it would be evolutionarily functional for different people to have different talents and skills” and I totally agree with the thought process of this theory. Because there are a lot of different people so different talents, skills, and knowledge come with it. For example, there is musical intelligence and has the ability to perform and enjoy music, it sounds pretty simple and easy but there are some people who are deaf and cannot listen to music so they probably would not have this kind of intelligence. But deaf people may have another kind of intelligence like intrapersonal intelligence which gives the ability to have insight into the self. Meaning that they are aware of their own emotional states, feelings, and motivations; which allows them to know themselves and be able to control themselves in just about any emotional situation. I personally feel like this is a good and simple way to label and claim different bits of intelligence because not everyone is the same and it is okay to be different.
Ch. 7
Chapter 7 mentioned the topic of a fetus and the stages of how a fetus develops after nine weeks of conception. What fascinates me about a fetus is how after nine weeks it grows and starts developing touch or the motion of moving around. A fetus can also start swallowing food and most importantly even start breathing in the womb. Not only that but The fetus can run into issues and unfortunately, there are times of miscarriages or just simply losing the fetus. It’s around a 45 percent chance of having a miscarriage which is pretty high. There could also be other reasons why miscarriages happen. It could be because of the air pollution or radiation around an area. Even foods and drinks could affect the fetus in a bad way. I have a relative from my mom’s side who was actually born at around 7 months instead of nine months. He was pretty much a miracle to even be alive right now. It was stated by my family that he was born with huge chunks of balls and lumps around his whole body. And that the dr said he wasn’t going to make it and sadly pass away. But till this day he’s still alive but the only thing that really affected him till this day was his hearing and speech. He is kinda deaf and his speech is kind of hard to understand.
Ch. 8
Chapter 8 was about the psychology behind personalities and certain disorders. In this chapter, I learned that a person’s genes can have a great influence on their personality and the kind of person that they become. I was unaware that this was true, and that people of certain ethnicities are more likely to think or behave a certain way, compared to people of other ethnicities. I thought that this was very interesting, and I enjoyed learning about it. This has probably been my favorite chapter out of all of the ones that we have studied so far. I learned a few years ago that surprisingly, happiness is genetic. There are certain genes that make certain genes that make some people more likely to find happiness in their life than other people. Of course, everyone can find happiness. That is a goal that every single human can achieve. It is just that there are some genes that make it easier for certain people to achieve happiness, as opposed to other people. It is sad to know that for some people, it’s just naturally harder for them to be happy, but it is still not impossible regardless of what genes they may have.
Ch. 9
This chapter was very interesting, learning about social psychology and the reasons behind some of the ways we respond to others or to certain situations is intriguing. I will not lie there are some times when i find myself making certain facial expressions when i see people doing something i either don’t agree with or just confuses me. I agree with the topic about appearance, my mom raised me and my brother as a single parent and alot of people doubted her parenting in the beginning so my mom knew that the first thing they would judge us off of would be our appearnce. She made it a priority to make sure we knew how to dress ourselves properly and that we knew our appearance would be reflection of her parenting. I now believe that someones appearance reflects alot on how they are as a person, they way i dress expresses the kind of person i am. With that being said, i do know that you cannot judge solely on appearances though some people can be the exact opposite of what you were expecting them to be. I believe stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination all tie into one another and are all the same as judging a book by its cover in my personal opinion.

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