Each of these exercises will require you to do some research. Your responses sho

Each of these exercises will require you to do some research.
Your responses should be in paragraph form for topics 1, 2, and 3.
The response to EACH topic and EACH subtopic in point 4 (a-h) should be AT LEAST in 150 words.
1. History of Freedom of Speech
3.31 – Facebook, banned in China since 2009, planned to establish a presence there. It would have to comply with China’s censorship requirements and requirements to provide user information to the government. Is Facebook now in China? If so, how has it dealt with the censorship and reporting requirements?
2. Problems of Intellectual Property
4.36 – Read the member agreement or policy statement of a website that hosts user videos. Give the name and web address of the site you chose, and briefly describe if it is a well-known site. What does its statement say about posting files that contain, or use works of others without authorization?
3. Influences of Computer Use on the Economy: E-Commerce
Direct deposit is a popular way for employees to get paid. Research and report on the history of direct deposit. Has direct deposit been more of a benefit for the employer or for the employee? Describe your reasons.
4. Responsibilities of Users and Creators of Computer
9.36 – Consider the ad-targeting system of Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.
a. identify the company
b. read the description of the ad-targeting system, talk about it, and include a link
c. discuss how the system selects ads
d. describe what data the system stores
e. describe what options are provided to users
f. describe one scenario where the system could harm a user
g. describe one scenario where the system could benefit a user
h. determine if you think the company has acted ethically
Be sure to write complete sentences using correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling; stay on topic and use good writing style.

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