Each essay should be long enough to fully and thoroughly address all parts of th

Each essay should be long enough to fully and thoroughly address all parts of the question. You should not use any outside sources other than the textbook and our posted class material. While it may be tempting to google, it rarely offers the correct or expected response and thus, doing so is likely to cost you points. That said, aiming for approximately 300-500 for the short essays and 500-800 words for the long essay should be a good estimate. Remember this word count includes both your own words and supporting quoted evidence from the textbook and class materials.
No formal citations are needed. If you quote or paraphrase and idea from the textbook or course materials (and you should), you can place the correlated chapter and section in parentheses in the text of your essay. We are all using the same information so it will be easy for me to check the source while I grade. For example: (Textbook, ch #, Sec #) or (Name of PPT, Slide #)
You must answer ALL THREE parts to complete your exam. Remember you will need to use material from across the chapters to address the question. Do not focus on a single chapter when working on the long essay. There is no single right answer. Your grade will be based on your ability to use critical thinking, synthesize the course material, and show a clear understanding of the materials.
– Review the major policy areas from Chapter 14 and select one from the following list and write a well developed paragraph to address the associated question
State Taxes: Identify four types of taxes in Texas and the regressive aspects of the Texas tax system
Education: Relate the factors affecting education policy in Texas to questions of equity and equality.
Health and Human Services: Evaluate patterns of support for health and human services in Texas
Environmental Issues: Assess the response of Texas to environmental issues
NOTE: You are selecting only one of the above bulleted policies to adress. One one will be graded. Do not attempt to address all 4. Word count (300+)
– Based on your viewing of the documentary on selecting judges, give a brief overview the evidence presented in all three states. Then, evaluate the method of selecting judges through elections. Are there pros/cons to this method? What reforms would you suggest, if any. Explain your reasoning. Word count (300+)
– The Texas constitution was ratified in 1876 to meet the needs and attitudes of a 19th century Texas. Today, despite hundreds of amendments since its ratification, many critics argue that the Texas constitution is an antiquated document that created a part-time government unable to meet the needs and demands of a 21st century Texas.
To what extent would you agree with these critics? To support your answer focus on either the legislative branch or the executive branch in Texas. Support your position by discussing the structure and power of the branch you have selected.
(hint: Remember both the legislative and executive branch were designed to be weak. The Texas legislative is a “part time” body meeting. only for approximately 4.5 month every other year and the executive branch is a plural executive with most powers of the governor given to separately elected officials.) Word count (500+)
-The Texas Criminal Justice System has undergone many significant changes since the Ruiz case in 1980. However, most Texans would like to see additional reforms. One area of possible reform is in the application of the death penalty. Over the last few decades, the US Supreme Court has ruled when it is and when it is not constitutional to use capital punishment. As of 2021, under these Court decisions the use of the death penalty itself is not a violation of the 8th amendment. Rather it is in the application of capital punishment where the most unanswered questions are being debated. Some critics argue that the death penalty can never be reformed to ensure a fair and just application and to prevent mistakes. Though the number is shrinking, most Texans still support the use of the death penalty for certain crimes which also are under just and fair conditions.
For this essay address the following question:
Should the death penalty be abolished? If so, support your decision. If not, then what reforms would you suggest to prevent mistakes and ensure a fair and just application across the state?
Be sure you are using not only the lectures and notes from class, but also the required readings to offer supporting evidence. Also remember, whichever position you take, you should also recognize in your essay evidence that supports the other side. By neglecting this step, you are presenting only part of the argument. You do not have to agree with the opposing side, but you need to acknowledge it- especially when it offers compelling arguments against your position. Word count (500+)

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