Due: Initial post is due Wednesday, 5/25, by 11:59 pm. Replies are due Thursday,

Due: Initial post is due Wednesday, 5/25, by 11:59 pm.
Replies are due Thursday, 5/26, by 11:59 pm.
The goal for this assignment is:
Reflect on the film “Babies.”
Think more about the three domains in infancy: physical, cognitive, and socioemotional.
Make connections between the three domains and the individuals in the film.
Engage in discussion with your classmates.
Watch Film
1. Go to our SCC’s library page (Links to an external site.) and click on “Swank.”
2. Sign in using your WebAdvisor ID and password.
3. Select “Student” and search “Babies.”
4. Click on “Watch.”
Initial Post
Submit one post that is a minimum of 200 words. To do so, select the “reply” button below. Your initial post should include the following:
Provide examples of the infants’ behaviors and how it relates to course content. In your explanation, describe what happened in the film and how it relates specifically to what you have learned in this class.
Define/describe the three developmental domains (i.e., physical, cognitive, and socioemotional).
Provide examples of the three domains from the film.
Any other thoughts on the film.
Note: Do not provide a synopsis found online. I watched the film, so that is not needed! It is important to make connections between the babies in the film and the course content.
Reply to at least two classmates. Each response should be a minimum of 75 words (not including your greeting). Try to choose a classmate who does not yet have a reply.
Responses should be relevant to the discussion and provide insight in some way.
Peer responses should be scholarly and substantive (e.g., identifying important relationships, offering a fresh perspective or critique of a point, and offering supporting evidence).

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