(DONT INCLUDE COVER JUST A REFERENCE PAGE) I already found 5 APA sources and the

(DONT INCLUDE COVER JUST A REFERENCE PAGE) I already found 5 APA sources and the topic, annotated bibliography and outline is in the files uploaded)
This assignment is designed to provide you with the opportunity to explore one area of violence risk assessment and management in greater depth and detail.
Your paper topic should review psychological research on a specific issue in risk assessment.
Think of this paper as a written piece of professional consultation where you are the psychological expert who is providing a summary of scientific knowledge in relation to a specific type of risk assessment.
Your goal is to write a paper (8 – 10 pages, cover and reference page not included in the # of pages) that provides
(a) a clear statement of the problem
(b) identifies the importance of the problem as an area relevant to the field of violence risk assessment and management,
(c) critically reviews current social science research on the topic.
(1) Your paper should include a review about what is known about the risk factors of the issue at hand
(2) Your paper should also include a section dedicated to reviewing one relevant risk assessment measure; with a critical examination about the scientific support for this tool (reliability; validity) and who is qualified to use this tool (i.e., does it require being psychologist?)
(d) concludes with a summary of your opinions on how the social science research is relevant to clinical and legal practices surrounding violence risk assessment and/or management.
For example: If you choose to write about domestic violence, the majority of your paper should review the risk factors associated with individuals who perpetrate domestic violence. This should encompass about 5 pages in which you review the research that explores what factors or characteristics are associated with engaging in this type of violence. The remaining 3 pages should critically evaluate ONE risk assessment tool that is used to assess the risk potential of an individual perpetrating domestic violence. Throughout the semester you will learn about evaluating risk assessment tools, including looking at reliability and validity; as well as understanding who is skilled to utilize risk assessment measures. As such, your paper should explore the same.
Major Sections of the Paper
1. Introduction :: Statement of the Problem/Topic Area
· What are relevant statistics that define/describe the problem?
· Why is this a relevant topic in society today?
For example, if writing about domestic violence, you could introduce statistics about the rate of domestic violence and set-up your paper to explain the need to assess for future risk of perpetrating this abuse.
2. Social Science Research Review
· Review empirical studies that directly address the topic
· What has the science told us are risk factors associated with this violence?
For example, here you will summarize the available research that identifies risk factors associated with perpetrating domestic violence. For example, the research may show that personality disorders and substance abuse are associated with perpetrating this type of violence.
· Focusing on one of the risk assessment tools – discuss the empirical support of the tool.
§ Is it effective?
§ Does it predict recidivism?
§ Does it appropriately help to manage risk?
§ What are the strengths and weaknesses of the tool?
§ What qualifications do you need to utilize the tool?
For example, in this section this section you will explore the research of one risk assessment tool designed to assess future risk of perpetrating domestic violence. You will inform the reader about whether this tool does in fact make accurate predictions for future domestic violence. In this section you also address the weaknesses in the available research.
3. Discussion :: Summary, Conclusions, and Implications
· What conclusions can be drawn from the social science research findings and how do the findings relate to current clinical and legal practices?
· What limitations exist in the current research and what are recommendations about ways the research could be improved?
· What changes in clinical practice (ie., the real-world) or public policy might you recommend based on your review of the scientific research?
The final paper should be 8 minimum and 10 maximum pages, formatted in APA style and include a title page, Introduction (Section 1), Research Review (Section 2), Discussion – Conclusion (Section 3), and References (in APA format).
Title page and reference page(s) are not included in the page count
· Paper must be Times New Roman, 12 pt font. Double Spaced and 5” margins.

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