DISCUSSION: THE INNER LIFE OF THE CELL 1717 unread replies.2424 replies. Backgro

1717 unread replies.2424 replies.
Please watch the 8-minute video “The Inner Life of the Cell” at https://youtu.be/QplXd76lAYQ (Links to an external site.).
Take note of new things that you might have learned, and perhaps something you didn’t understand and might have questions about. Note down if you think you saw something that you think might be incorrect. This video is one of the best illustrations of cellular processes ever made. Keep in mind that a large number of the structures you see in this video are proteins, which are specific gene products. A mutation in the gene that codes for a protein may change its function and disrupt the intricate dance depicted. I do have some problems with certain elements of this video, such as the lack of stochasticity (randomness), but it’s still a stunning video and well worth watching.
You can watch the original version, at double the speed and without narration, at http://www.xvivo.net/animation/the-inner-life-of-the-cell/ (Links to an external site.). It’s a good background at parties (maybe set to the right kind of music! What music would you set this to?)
Assignment Criteria:
1. Post a thoughtful discussion of how this video depicts the biochemistry of the structures depicted, and of the cellular processes shown.
2. Be sure to discuss at least two of the following:
Something new that you learned
Something that you did not understand (and what you found confusing)
Something you may believe to be wrong or that could be depicted better (and how you might depict this if you made the video!)
3. Use references to support your statements and discussion. In this case, adding references that might show better depictions, or that might support the new thing you learned, or even other videos/images that demonstrate a biochemical structure/process you like, are all acceptable. Include at least 2 such references.

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