Discussion one :- Respond to this student in no less than 150 words. Liniece B.

Discussion one :- Respond to this student in no less than 150 words.
Liniece B.
Adverse childhood experiences is a traumatic event that occurs in childhood from ages to 1-17. compared to my aces test I never experience any abuse, neglect trauma as a childhood or have a parent that struggles with substance abuse or mental illness. I got only one yes on my aces score and that was for the question that one of my sibling was depressed but its unrelated to any trauma. The people who have been through those things you are so strong to have been through that. In the ted talk I noticed she talked about having patients with ADHD and that their diagnoses weren’t just attention deficit hyperactivity they were dealing with trauma. I couldn’t imagine what those kids are going through, but I have been through the process of getting test for ADHD and could only imagine how difficult it was for the innocent children. Another thing that stands out is the Aces scoring the 77 percent of the population had at least one yes on the score.
Childhood trauma is very common and occurs more than we think. Childhood trauma affects attachments and relationships. Usually, a child learns to trust others, regulate their emotions and interact with others through relationships and attachments. But, when those relationships and attachments are unstable it makes it harder for children to rely on other individuals to help them. When the Child’s caregiver abuses them, the child learns that there are bad and that the world isn’t a good place. Childhood trauma isn’t just verbal or neglect it’s also school violence, physical or sexual assault, exploitation, sudden loss of a loved one and witness domestic violence. These can impact the way a child thinks and learn and increases the use of mental health servicing in school. it also impacts children later by having long-term health problems like diabetes or heart disease.
Discussion 2 :- Respond to this student in no less than 150 words.
Kendra P.
After taking the ACES questionnaire and resilience questionnaire from module 3 and listening to the TED talk video regarding how childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime. It has taught me that childhood trauma is not something that you get over growing up. The trauma stems from our parents repeating the cycle from their parents and then it just continues until someone is ready to heal. I am fortunate that when I did the questionnaire that I did not have a lot of points for the ACE score and with the resilience questionnaire I scored a 10 but out of them circled there were only 4 that were still true for me. No matter what, each person goes through our trauma is valid and it is not our fault, and it is something that we did not deserve. In the video she discussed how those with high levels of trauma can lead to diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Therefore, to help with the treatment of trauma it is important to heal by talking to a mental health professional or PCP and if medication works for others that is great too. Trauma informed care is an approach in the human service field that assumes an individual is more likely to have a history of trauma. This type of care recognizes the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledges the role that trauma plays in the individual’s life. Trauma informed care’s goal is to understand the individual because trauma affects the way an individual sees themselves along with the people they are around and the world they live in. This type of approach of care can be helpful for children who have experienced trauma because it comes from a variety of approaches working with children that have been exposed to traumatic events or conditions. Research states that this type of therapy will help benefit children and their families as it helps reduce the child’s behavior problems and post traumatic stress.
Note from the professor about the above work :- Peer responses must be a minimum of 150 words and must respond to the actual content of the post. It is not appropriate to simply say “good job, or I agree with you”. Be thoughtful in both your initial post and your peer responses.

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