Discussion instructions the classmates are writing about: Summarize and describe

Discussion instructions the classmates are writing about:
Summarize and describe the legal requirements surrounding waivers to adult court and why they are important.
Research a case where a juvenile was waived to adult court to stand trial. Give a brief synopsis and then discuss whether you agree that the juvenile should have been waived to adult court.
Please RESPOND to the 3 following classmate discussion posts. Each response needs to be a minimum of 50 words and When replying to classmates’ posts, think and evaluate from the standpoint of a consumer and consider the following:
Discuss if you feel the marketing is effective and what do you like about its marketing campaign.
Explain why or why not you would buy the product and what you think the company can do better to heighten its sales through a marketing change.
Post 1: Tyrone
I believe it all depends on the nauture of the case and how many times the juvenile has been in the court system. I also believe juveniles that are habitual criminals usually are more to be waived as adults because they keep committing crimes that land them in jail and the courts see that the juvenile court system is not helping. I agree that a juvenile that keep committing crimes should be waived to adult courts.
Post 2: Kaylin
The waiver to adult court allows the juvenile court to relinquish jurisdiction over the matter in order for it to be processed and heard in adult court. When cases are violent in character or involve major juvenile offenders, the waiver to adult court will be granted.
In Wisconsin, two teenage girls were charged with first-degree murder and intentional homicide in 2014. Geyser and Anissa Weier were just 12 when they stabbed their classmate 19 times at the Waukesha park. Fueled by their obsession for the fictional horror characters, they had invited Leutner to a sleepover before the attack. One of the two girls convicted in the so-called Slenderman stabbing is appealing her conviction, alleging that she was not tried as an adult. “Geyser thought that if she did not accomplish what Slender Man desired — namely, kill to become his proxy — he would, in turn, kill her or her family,” according to an appeal filed in Waukesha County Circuit Court. “If she offends him, he could kill her and her family almost instantly; he could kill you in three seconds.”
I believe prosecutors reached the appropriate conclusion for this heinous crime. As they sat in front of the judge, these two young ladies made a joke out of their crimes and felt they should not be punished because the victim did not deserve to live.
Do you think they should have received the punishment they did?
Post 3: David
the most common mechanism is judicial wavier, which gives juvenile court judges discretion to waive juvenile cases to adult criminal court. direct file waivers are sometimes referred to as the prosecutorial waiver because the prosecutor is the one that is responsible for deciding whether the particular case should be tried in juvenile court or waived to adult court. more serious offenders accused of violent crimes are waived and receive more severe sanctions. the disadvantage is that the juvenile may recieve a shorter sentence for first time offenses and once reached a certain age limit they have to be released.

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