Discussion instructions the classmates are writing about: Marketing should addre

Discussion instructions the classmates are writing about:
Marketing should address issues such as who are our customers, what are our demographics for marketing, how do we promote brand name recognition, and how do we create loyalty? Marketing business products and services correctly, to the precise people, in the right demographic area, with the correct message can be challenging.
Watch the 9 minute, 39-second video below titled Sales vs. Marketing: Which is More Important?
Sales VS Marketing: Which is More Important?
Now that you have watched the video, in your initial post, address the following:
Describe two “new” points of learning from the video you feel are important to an organization’s marketing and sales force and explain your reasoning
Discuss the concepts from the video concerning your selected company and explain how its marketing and sales are getting its message or idea out to customers and how they are creating loyalty toward its products or services
Please RESPOND to the 3 following classmate discussion posts. Each response needs to be a minimum of 100 words and When replying to classmates’ posts, think and evaluate from the standpoint of a consumer and consider the following:
Discuss if you feel the marketing is effective and what do you like about its marketing campaign.
Explain why or why not you would buy the product and what you think the company can do better to heighten its sales through a marketing change.
Post 1: Jaminah
The video was informative. I enjoyed the video teaching about sales and marketing. I Learned that sales are because people have marketed the item. People think that sales happened because they just like the product and they like it because it was marketed to them. I learned that marketing has impression on people and sales are only numbers in the business. If someone told you about how they came up with the product you are interested because of their marketing strategy. Someone who selling you a product just would like for you to purchase it to get better numbers for their commission Marketing has emotion in it and sells has calculation. Bank of America does more selling of their products to the customer. They haven’t been establishing loyalty to their customers recently. The company does strive for the newest technology in the banking industry. They should lower interest rates and approve more people for loans and credit cards
Post 2: Tracy
I learned so much about marketing and sales this week from both the video and the lecture. The two new points of learning from the video that I feel are important to an organization’s marketing and sales force are product first versus people first. Although both marketing and sales are important parts of a company, I believe marketing does a better job in promoting a product to its target market. Like the video stated, marketers go straight to the point to talk about a product first and how it can best satisfy the potential customer, unlike sales which focuses on selling themselves first before the product.
Amazon’s marketing and sales strategy which helps them get their message or idea out to customers involves integrating a number of targeted online marketing channels, such as Associates program, sponsored search, social and online advertising, television advertising, and other initiatives. They have successfully earned their customer’s loyalty by making sure that the customer is always first, they receive their package on time, and a 30 day free returns on any unsatisfied purchase.
Post 3: Yolanda
From the video, the important points about sales vs marketing were “storytelling” and “art” of marketing strategies in an organization. When integrating sales and marketing companies will align their interest by forming partnerships and sharing any overlapping materials. A service level agreement (SLA) between the departments can outline what is expected between the partnership merger stating a set of deliverables within the agreement.
I feel T-Mobile marketing makes the emotional connections in the sharing of events through words, colors, and images as it relates to the brands. While sales can create an art extension of reactions from potential buyers such as visual practices, promotions, and social media and builds awareness of artistic work. The main driven strategy for T-Mobile is diversity and inclusion of our people and the supporting aspect of the company’s superpower. Which does bring fresh perspectives and different ways of thinking. With real-time statistics of user’s experiences engaged in their platform, encouraging members to be exactly who or what they want to be.

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