Discussion instructions the classmates are writing about: Many different theorie

Discussion instructions the classmates are writing about:
Many different theories have been developed over the years based on observations and experimentations to determine why someone does something. Theories are usually not proven wrong, just added onto.
Review these three criminological theories, all from your lecture and the additional links provided, and formulate a new adaptation on a criminological theory. Provide your opinion as to why your adaptation of the theory you choose will be useful in criminology.
Strain Theory and Deviance
Social Structure Theories and School Violence
Control Theory
Please RESPOND to the 3 following classmate discussion posts. Each response needs to be a minimum of 100 words and When replying to classmates’ posts, think and evaluate from the standpoint of a consumer and consider the following:
Discuss if you feel the marketing is effective and what do you like about its marketing campaign.
Explain why or why not you would buy the product and what you think the company can do better to heighten its sales through a marketing change.
Post 1: Kaylynn
I think that all the three theories are important in their different ways. Strain theory to me describes the different behaviors as a predictable outcome of distressed individuals when they are underprevileged in achieving certain goals, which sometimes can lead to criminal doings to get their financial needs. Social structure theory indicate an individuals place in socioeconomic structure and the influence it has of becoming a criminal. Individuals who grew up poor and are not as fortunate are more likely to commit crimes because they are not able to financially provide their needs or social success in any other way. Social control theory is the exploitation process of socialization and social learning to build self-control and reduce the tendacy to indulge in behavior recognized as antisocial, and sometimes individuals who are anti-social tend to commit some crime due to they are loners and just want to hurt others. I feel that all these are a need to know because we would have to study an individuals behavior to know the kind of criminal they are, I could be wrong but please feel free to correct me and share your opinion.
Post 2: Hannah
After reading the three articles and our lecture, I chose the strain theory to formulate a new adaptation on. The strain theory explains that people within a stressful situation will revert to deviant behavior. People who are in low income neighborhoods are more likely to commit theft. According to the article I read, “Class, race, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural capital influence a person’s likelihood of climbing the socioeconomic ladder. Those who find themselves unable to increase their class standing feel a strain that may result in them engaging in deviant behavior such as theft, embezzlement, or selling goods on the black market to achieve wealth (Crossman, 2019)”.
I have heard about this theory and have always thought this would also go hand and hand with somebody’s social environment. That is how I am going to adapt that theory and my thoughts. I am going to add who the person is around can also add to deviant behavior. If you are already in a stressful situation and someone you meet shows you a scam to make money, you are more likely to engage in deviant behavior.
Post 3: Amanda
Edwin H. Sutherland believed people imitate one another in 3 different ways: people imitate one another in proportion as they are in close contact; often the superior is imitated by the inferior; and when two mutually exclusive methods or approaches come together, one method can be substituted for another.
He said it best. I believe that crime is learned from our groups, our community, and our families. If you have a bad background in a bad neighborhood then it is hard to escape a crime life. This is because you see this on a normal basis, people pressure to be in the “family business”, This theory amongst the others can all be great reasons for crime.
People say that mental illness can also be a reason people commit crimes. This does not believe, but I do think that if there was a traumatic event in your life that leads to your mental state changing I would understand the reason for a certain crime.

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