Discussion #6 In the Transition Stage, you need to work on creating more trust w

Discussion #6
In the Transition Stage, you need to work on creating more trust within your group and assisting them in overcoming any fears they might have about being vulnerable. This stage serves to transition your members towards the working stage. How can you solidify the trust factor in your group and assist them with being more apt/ready to share and disclose? Think about this exercise as it relates to the group you will be forming for your final.
1) State the type of group you will be creating for your final. What is its purpose, and who would qualify as members? (minimum of 1 paragraph) – 5 points
2) Research/identify a type of group exercise you would use in your group for increasing trust within your group and/or to help them overcome fears they might have in being vulnerable with the group. Make sure to cite/identify where you found the exercise as well as how you feel it will be beneficial to your group. (minimum of 2 paragraphs) – 6 points
3) Provide me with your dialogue on how you would communicate the instructions for the exercise to your group as if you were explaining to your group so that they would understand the purpose of the exercise as well as how to complete. Act as if you are the group leader describing it/providing instructions to your group members. (minimum of 2 paragraphs) – 7 points
My chosen topic is Managing Anxiety for college students.
***Attached are some references to aid with the assignment. I’ve also attached the previous discussion responses explaining the chosen group topic

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