Directions For this assignment, you will compose a brief memo of at least 250-wo

For this assignment, you will compose a brief memo of at least 250-words for your direct reports based on the following scenario:
Your organization recently experienced some bad press due to a lack of cultural sensitivity in the workplace. Knowing that you recently completed your college degree and had experience conducting research using credible sources, your manager has reached out to you and asked you to compose a memo in which you provide a literature review of key concepts that could be used as the foundation for a training plan for all associates. Specifically, your manager has asked that your memo contain:
A persuasive statement in the opening paragraph where you assert and describe what specific knowledge, skills, and behaviors need to be addressed through the training as informed by your research.
In the Executive Summary section, research at least two external sources from the College’s Virtual Library and/or Google Scholar. Share the name of the researcher(s), the title of the articles, and where the articles appeared. This part of the memo should summarize key findings from these sources that will inform how the associates are trained relative to their knowledge, skills, and behaviors.
In the discussion section, provide suggestions about how the training should be conducted (i.e., face to face, via an online module, a combination of both, etc.), as well as activities that you think would lead to a successful training.
A closing where you summarize the memo and provide suggested next steps to your manager.
Your memo should be in a formal memo format.

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