Directions Brush up on the citation style you picked in week 2. Remember that t

Brush up on the citation style you picked in week 2. Remember that this citation style will be listed in parentheses next to the class name (e.g. “SOC 300 (MLA)”).
Summarize your main concept(s) from one of the following materials: “Minimum wage hikes a poor step towards prosperity”, LMS 10, 11, or any of the modules listed for Ferrante.
Choose your outside-of-class item and summarize it. Use your chosen citation style to include in-text citations for this item as you summarize it for your paper. (If you are using a personal experience, that doesn’t need a citation.)
Explain how your item relates to your chosen concept(s). Is it an example of gender stratification? The glass ceiling? Anything discussed in the readings is usable here.
Create a reference list (for this class, it’s a Works Cited page) that includes both your chosen material and your outside-of-class item. If you are having trouble figuring out how to cite which reading you used or which item you chose, feel free to text me or drop into one of the optional Zoom hours.
Format your paper (name, class title, paper title, where the works cited page should go) using the Application Response Sample linked in M1.5b. General format instructions (length, font, file type, etc.) are on the assignment submission page.
Online Writing Lab at Purdue University – (Links to an external site.)
ARC Library’s OneSearch (for help in finding published items) –

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