Complete Writing Quiz #1 after reading Jacobs Narrative. Select 1 of the follow

Complete Writing Quiz #1 after reading Jacobs Narrative. Select 1 of the following prompts below to answer for this assignment.
Explore 1 of the Cult of True Womanhood principles (purity, domesticity, submissiveness, and piety) examined in Jacobs Narrative and its impact. The goal with this question is to explore what the principle means using Jacobs Narrative as evidence.
Explore the role of psychological trauma experienced by Jacobs in the Narrative? What fears did Jacobs have? (Name 1-2 specific fears to explore here). Use the body paragraphs to explore how such fears impact the narrator?
300 words (carefully proofread); 2 paragraphs
Use 2 direct quotes from Jacobs Narrative. Use direct quotes that should appear in quotation marks and end with the author’s last name and page number (Jacobs 23).
I also included a handout to help with integrating quotes (all evidence must be introduced, cited, and interpreted).
Outside sources. The only source allowed for this assignment is the literature. Do not use online sources to create discussion posts. When you submit your post it will be submitted to SafeAssign, which determines whether the entry is plagiarized or not.
First-person (“I,” “me”) and second person pronouns (“you,” “your”).
Using “I think,” “I feel,” “I believe,” and “In my opinion” because these statements prove nothing.
Using the author’s first name.

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