*** Check for compliance, format, (add heading/subheadings where needed), gramma

*** Check for compliance, format, (add heading/subheadings where needed), grammar, etc. *** Grammarly score is curtial.
Using the attached content of Harvard reading assignments is the focus of this essay. Optional reading list included, but must focus on the other five. Synthesize the content of these five articles into a three-page (minimum) report to the president of a national healthcare organization of which you are employed. This is a fictional employer. The usual formatting for APA 7 rules apply. Citations and references are expected. Citations must be correctly formatted for APA style. There is a post at the top section of this Moodle page showing you the three forms of parenthetical citations and a citation format to use for direct quotes.
In this communique, you will try to convince the the president of a healthcare organization of which you are employed that there are strong rationale and numerous best practices to draw upon in structuring a new company-wide initiative to effectively manage conflict and dispute resolution. Your essay should answer questions such as: Why do we need to do this? How will it benefit us to create this understanding? What are the advantages of creating a policy and implementation plan?
Keep in mind that the bulk should focus on recommended solutions/recommendations. Consider this doctoral level where you can refer to sources and references, but are not the expert. More than likely there are already proven methods already in use by healtcare providers that “you” could modify and use.

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