Case Study The goal of this assignment is to provide you with the experience of

Case Study
The goal of this assignment is to provide you with the experience of how a clinical psychologist reasons about clinical cases.
Summary: I will provide you with a vignette for a case. Based on what you have learned in class so far, you will write up a case conceptualization that discusses how and why the child may be experiencing the challenges that are represented in the case.
Important note: I am more interested in your thought process and reasoning than if you arrive at the “correct answer” for why a child is experiencing difficulties. Therefore, this assignment is looking at your critical thinking skills as well as your ability to consider the factors that result in different childhood disorders.
Be sure that your conceptualization is based on credible theories, etiological factors, etc. that have been discussed in the text and lectures, not your personal opinion or emotional reasoning. You are not required to find empirical research articles for this assignment and you do not need a reference list or in-text references. Again, you do NOT need to provide citations for the textbook or lectures
Logistics and expectations:
· Your case conceptualization can include bulleted lists, written paragraphs, or a
combination. Just be sure to explain your reasoning clearly if you use a list.
· Please remember, meeting basic expectations is an average grade, not an A+ grade
Questions to answer in your case conceptualization:
Briefly identify the main difficulties you are trying to explain. Then provide a conceptualization of how Larry came to experience the problems represented in the case. Do this by discussing a range of factors that may have contributed to the development and maintenance of Larry’s difficulties. Include a consideration of how or why each is a risk, and speculate on how risk factors may have unfolded over time to lead to the current difficulties. Consider multiple relevant theoretical perspectives.

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