Canadian History Article Review Review the article: Francis, R. Douglas. “The Go

Canadian History Article Review
Review the article: Francis, R. Douglas. “The Golden Age of Canadian National Historiography.” Acadiensis 6.2
(1977): 106- 116.
Write a 750-word review of it. Your review should
consider each of the following questions:
What is the central argument of the
What sources does the article use to make
its point?
How might the writing of the article have
been influenced by the time in which it was written?
What do you find the strengths or weaknesses
of the article to be? You may comment on the writing, the research, or other
aspects you find noteworthy.
*Might be a good idea to use headers to make sure each question is answered. Please also review the grading form.
**A grading form has been provided to help guide your writing.
Important notes to remember:
assignments are expected to be in your own words. This means
that simply copying (even if you quote it) from the textbook, academic
articles, or other sources will result in a failing grade. Be sure to read
the directions for all assignments, determine where to gather information
from, read that information, and then describe them in your own words while
ensuring to properly cite where all information has come from. Keep direct
quotation to a minimum and remember that it requires both quotation marks
and a footnote or endnote to identify the source.
Chicago Style format for referencing. Be sure to utilize the
notes-bibliography format. Your paper should include footnotes or
endnotes and a bibliography. Examples of this can be
found online by searching for Chicago Style format, such as at
The page also has examples of formatted note and bibliography entries.

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