By now, you should have completed all the required readings and learning activit

By now, you should have completed all the required readings and learning activities for this module. For this discussion activity please:
1. Discuss how the use of technology to improve the health of people may create ethical issues using an example of an ethical dilemma you may have encountered or one you may perceive as an issue in the future.
2. Select one of the healthcare ethics theories and support its use in mitigating ethical issues in healthcare informatics.
A Few Notes on Posting Discussions
Do not post a response as an attachment. Responses should be written in the discussion board in order to receive credit.
Check the discussion frequently, respond appropriately, and stay on subject.
Include an appropriate title in the subject when posting your discussion.
Focus on one subject per message. Do not try to respond to everyone in one posting.
Be professional and use care when interacting online. Use humor carefully, an attempt to be funny may be misinterpreted.
Discussions may be conversational but evidence-based with references cited. PLEASE note the grading criteria below especially regarding the use of references. Please use evidence in the literature in your responses. Textbooks are okay but are usually out of date by the time they are printed!
Peer responses should have substance coming from your experience and backed by evidence. Responses should have a minimum of one paragraph (3-5 complete sentences).
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