Below are the level 2 subheadings followed by bullets that need to be addressed

Below are the level 2 subheadings followed by bullets that need to be addressed under that heading. Please use APA format. A copy of the text book referenced below is attached.
Personal recurring dysfunctional pattern (This is the heading for this section) (please answer the follow bullets under this heading)
Think about your personal reaction to conflict in light of what Shapiro called the repetition compulsion. Respond to the following questions adapted from p. 65:
What recurrently dysfunctional pattern(s) do you exhibit in conflict? (We all have them!)
Identification of identity threat
At the moment when this pattern occurs, what is threatening your identity? Be specific and introspective in your explanation.
Identification of issues that draw into conflict
Which of the common issues listed on p. 66 lure you into the repetition compulsion? Is it something else? Why do you think these things pull you in?
Personal contribution to recent conflict
Conflict is almost never one-sided, and the ability and willingness to own your own contribution to a conflict is indicative of an increasing level of emotional intelligence (which we will discuss in the next module). With that in mind and again thinking back to a recent conflict, how did your own words and actions contribute to the conflict?
Analysis – intractable, sacred
Consider a long-standing conflict with which you are personally familiar. It should be one in which you are personally involved if possible, or at least one with which you are very familiar with the parties and the details. Synthesizing the material from Northrup and Shapiro’s section on the sacred and any other academic material you find appropriate, analyze the conflict in terms of its intractability and the sacred.
What do each of the parties hold sacred that is threatened by this conflict?
Is it possible for the parties to disentangle the sacred from the secular (Shapiro, pp. 105-107)? Explain.
Is this conflict intractable? Explain.

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