Assignments which do not meet these requirements will be graded accordingly: Rea

Assignments which do not meet these requirements will be graded accordingly:
Reading Summaries should be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 500 words (approximately 1-2 pages in standard formatting)
All reading summaries must follow
standard formatting requirements. (That is, standard margins, font size,
and paragraph spacing is observed. Students cannot manipulate font
size, margins, and paragraph spacing to meet length requirements.)
Reading Summaries require
that you read a primary source selection from the end of each chapter,
then write a short summary that identifies the thesis and outlines the
main argument. Reading summaries are not about your opinion
or perspective – they are expository essays that explain the content of
the reading. All reading summaries must include substantive content based on the students reading of the material.
When writing Reading Summaries, you may not quote the author without proper citations. In
other words, if you use the exact words of the original author
(copy-paste) you MUST do a proper citation. Similarly, if you use any
other website (such as Wikipedia, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy,
etc.) you must cite the source. Failure to cite sources properly
is in violation of Student Rights and Responsibilities Manual which may
result in grade penalties.
When in doubt, quote/cite your sources. All quotes, references, and ideas lifted from any source – including internet sources MUST be properly cited in MLA/APA format.
All reading summaries must be
thoroughly proof-read and checked for spelling, grammar, and
punctuation. Students should write in professional, academic prose and
use only appropriate language. Spelling and grammar count towards your grade in every assignment.
STEP 1 – After reading all of Chapter 20, please select ONE of the following primary source readings:
“The Morality of Migration” by Seyla Benhabib (starting on page 766)
“The Moral Dilemma of U.S. Immigration Policy Revisited: Open Borders vs. Social Justice?” by Stephen Macedo (starting on page 768)
“Selecting Immigrants” by David Miller (starting on page 781)
“Immigration and Freedom of Association” by Christopher Heath Wellman (starting on page 787)
“Freedom of Association is Not the Answer” by Sarah Fine (starting on page 808)
STEP 2 – Write a short, objective summary of 250-450words which summarizes the main ideas being put forward by the author in this selection.

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