Assignment 5 is broken down into two main sections and various subsections. Part

Assignment 5 is broken down into two main sections and various subsections.
Part 1 of the paper provides the Leadership Interview (described below).
Part 2 of this paper provides the organizational analysis that addresses six essential questions (see below).
Assignment 5 must be submitted as one document. Use APA Headers (Level 1, Level 2), for categorizing and defining each section of your paper.
Part 1: Leadership Interview
Set up an interview with someone in your work setting that you think has demonstrated effective leadership. It could be your Principal, Assistant Principal, your boss, a lead teacher, a teacher-leader. Using your textbook and other readings, formulate at least 10 questions that provides insight into why the leader does certain things (as opposed to what they do not do. Although you may ask about responsibilities and tasks, you want to delve into the leadership philosophy that drives the actions.
First, state who you interviewed and provide the reader with brief background details about the individual; also state why you identified and selected this person for study.
Second, present your interview questions and summarize the responses obtained in narrative form.
Conclude the Interview Section of your paper with a summary that responds to the following questions:
What did you learn from this experience?
What dominant leadership style does your interviewee have?
What effective leadership characteristics were most evident during your interview?
Did you hear of successful strategies that you will incorporate into your leadership style?
Part 2: Organizational Analysis
Following the interview, you should have an even stronger understanding of the leadership and the organizational philosophy in your work setting. Prepare a brief analysis of your organization’s effectiveness. Use the questions that follow to guide your thinking.
How is your work setting organized (often there is a formal organization and an informal organization)?
Is power shared?
How are decisions made?
Do you see evidence of principle-centered leadership in your workplace?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of your organization?
What improvements might you suggest?
This paper should be approximately 6 pages (including a cover page). You may write in the first person and no references are required.

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