Assignment 13 You have been working with the Hooktheory textbook, the Hookpad, v

Assignment 13
You have been working with the Hooktheory textbook, the Hookpad, videos, and even the dictation. Focus on Hooktheory’s TheoryTab for this assignment.
Find several of your favorite songs in the Dictation search engine.
Play your selected songs in both video mode and piano mode.
Did you note any differences between the video version (original recording) and the leaner/simpler piano version?
Compare your selected songs and observe if there are similar chord progressions or similar melodic and/or rhythmic patterns.
Did you discover anything new? Identifying patterns in music is meaningful and fun to do.
The melody line for each song contains rhythmic details that can be manipulated on the Hookpad “Duration” tab/key on the left top side of the screen. The duration/rhythm combined with the pitches being sounded creates an effective melodic theme that is pleasing to listen to over and over.
Begin working on your Music Project #2, which is due in several weeks.
You may create your Music Project #2 with similar chord and melodic patterns to your previous project; however, change the duration/rhythm of the notes, which may result in an enjoyable music project.
You now have a rough outline or draft of your next creation. This can be changed or tweaked further before you finally submit your final draft.
Provide a written response from your findings above and submit them to this assignment.
Assignment 15
In November 2017, Fresno State hosted a guest artist to perform and lecture on classical music performance: Mark Nuccio, Principal clarinet of the Houston Symphony, former Interim Principal of the New York Philharmonic, and Assoc. Principal and E Flat Clarinetist of NY for over 10 years. We livestreamed the event, so students will have free access to these presentations for several semesters after the event (Assignment #4a). Learning about an insider’s view in classical performance will be insightful for this course.
Check out Mark Nuccio’s web page: Mark Nuccio
(Links to an external site.)
or copy and paste this url into your browser
Listen to the recordings tab.
Evaluate what you like as well as ways to improve the website.
List two questions that you would ask Mark Nuccio if you were able to attend his performance.
Since he has performed all over the world, traveling with the New York Philharmonic, you might come up with some interesting questions.

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